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Because of the difference...
Supporting organisations and individuals to embed DICE.
At BCohCo we know DICE = Innovation!
DICE is bravery, is beauty, is creativity...  We use a grassroots, systems thinking approach to promote the cross-pollination of ideas on DICE matters.  

We all belong to communities...

Workplace, geographical and interest/hobby-based communities, to name a few. Communities create belonging, connection and reduce isolation. 
Cohesive Communities have incredible potential for innovation; Intentional Diversity, active Inclusion, 
and a shared understanding of Equality, will set your organisation apart.  

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The DICE Programme

Improve your Social Footprint with DICE 'Essentials' - Online Programme - Get Instant Access

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Embed DICE 'Insight' into Personal and Professional Practice - Wednesday 11th November - 10am - 2pm - Includes Online DICE Essentials Access and One Half Day Virtual Training

View course £149.99

Become a DICE Champion - Tuesday 17th & Thursday 19th November - 10am - 2pm - Includes Online DICE Essentials Access and Two Half Day Virtual Training Sessions

View course £295

Remove 'Bias' from the Redundancy and Recruitment Process

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Become a DICE Advocate

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Anti-Racism Training

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 As someone who specialises in supporting people through personal growth. I found The DICE Champion programme not only a great tool for my self-improvement, but one I’ve already started using in my role as a Holistic Hypnotherapist. Treating people with kindness is something I strongly believe in. This course has reinforced that compassion and an inclusive approach towards others. Is a vital part of creating strong, diverse communities.
Melody May @ MelodyHypnotherapy
We were particularly interested in understanding what characteristics are protected in The Equalities Act and how? At Nutriri we ‘Break the Cycle of Body Shame’ and challenge ‘Weight Bias. We are embedding our learning from The DICE Program in our Employee Induction, Social Franchise Contract and Facilitator Training. This program is invaluable to any organisation looking to undergo and embed cultural change relating to Diversity, Inclusion, Cohesion and Equality.
Helen James @ Nutriri
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