BCohCo helps organisations to build cohesive communities and thrive in modern society
At BCohCo, we have first-hand experience in managing the challenges, microaggressions and barriers present due to prejudice, discrimination and bias.

Today, it is our passion to help individuals within organisations go on a journey of self-discovery learning about Diversity, Inclusion, Cohesion and Equality. Our mission is to help these people create communities that promote progress, growth, and a more cohesive society for all.

Trusted by the private, public and third sectors


Diversity. Inclusion. Cohesion. Equality.

Work with BCohCo to inspire real change. We have a variety of services available to help you build cohesive communities within your organisation, each delivered by highly experienced experts.

Learning & Development
Intimate online sessions with small groups for a powerful and personal learning experience
Speaker engagements
Inspirational and insightful talks for your event
Audit & planning
Building systematic change strategy from the ground up
A completely bespoke experience to propel your organisation towards its goals

The industry leading DICE programme

  • Powerful group sessions that enable learning on a visceral level
  • Brave spaces that foster awareness, collaboration, sharing and growth
  • Helping you create Cross-Cultural Literacy in practice so that your organisation can continue to thrive

Because of the difference.

Team building is no longer enough

Traditional team building and tick box exercises are simply not enough. True cohesion requires people to look inwards, share and reflect on experiences, break down defensive barriers and be open to change. BCohCo has created a Learning & Development programme that promotes education on a visceral level for participants, leading to real change in mindsets and ultimately, progress.

Assess your organisation
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Driven by passion, powered by practice

The BcohCo team has a rich shared background in social justice, organisational change and building cohesive communities. Each team member has completed the highest standard of training to ensure each BCohCo workshop is the same high quality, and are always improving on their knowledge and staying up to date with the latest applicable research.

We are always looking to the future and constantly innovating to improve our practices. 

Empower your people
People have the tools, skills and knowhow to work successfully with diverse groups
Bring you up to date
Organisations are designed to thrive in the modern world with best practices and policies in place
Build cohesive communities
Workplaces become communities that foster belonging, collaboration and happiness
Help you thrive
Organisations reap the benefits of improved staff retention, customer satisfaction, and business growth

Let's kick start your change